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Just wondering areyou willing to do NU'EST scenarios? :)

Yes! ^^ We actually have a couple requests for nu’est… we just haven’t got to them yet. laskjfl;sakjf 

Kevin: You were in the kitchen making some dinner, and then all of a sudden you hear Kevin rushing in while yelling with a box in his hand. "Jagiiiiii! They’re here!" You quickly wiped your hands and skipped over to where he was and looked at the box. "Is it what I think it is?!" You hopped excitedly when he nodded and tugged on his arm. "Open it, open it! Hurry!"

He opened the box as fast as he could and pulled out another tiny box that was wrapped in bubble wrap. He unwrapped that too and opened the tiny box, and in that tiny box were two silver rings. They were couple rings with little tiny hearts around it. "They’re even prettier in person!" He smiled widely and took the smaller one out and slid it onto your finger, and smiled. You did the same to him with the other ring and smiled back up at him. He wrapped his arms around you and set his forehead against yours. "I love you." 

"I love you too."

He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours for a couple seconds before pulling away, but keeping you close against him.

AJ: You hadn’t seen AJ in months since he moved to New York to focus on his studies. You guys only talked through Skype but it just wasn’t the same. You finally had enough time to go down there for a week and a half though, and you had a little present to give him, which you were really excited to show him.

After hours of sitting on a plane, you finally arrived in New York and immediately jumped out of your seat and was one of the first people off. You looked around for him, but couldn’t find him. You were aimlessly walking around, trying to find him, and you probably looked really lost. You felt someone tap on your shoulder and you turned around to see AJ with a big smile on his face. "AJ!" You tackled him into a big hug and he hugged back just as tight as you were hugging him. "I missed you so much baby!" He said as he picked you up from the ground. You laughed, "I missed you more, and I have something to proooove it!" You let go of him and reached into your purse, pulling out a small box. You opened it up and two gold rings were inside, you pulled one out and slid it onto his fingers. “Remember when you said you wanted couple rings? Well, here you go!” You smiled and took the other one out and put it onto your own. "They say "AJ & ________ forever & always.♥” on it. Isn’t it pretty?” You smiled up at him and could tell that AJ was still in awe. You smiled and just hugged him tight. "I love it baby. Thank you. Lets go get to the baggage claim now and get your bags, yeah?" He asked with a big smile and kissed the top of your head. You smiled wider and nodded, letting him lead the way.

Kiseop: It was your one year anniversary with him and he was taking you out to dinner. You both agreed not to get each other any presents since someone always spend more than the other and it made you guys feel bad.

You guys arrived at the fancy restaurant and went to the table that he had reserved for you. You thanked the host for the menus and looked through it. You decided to get some pasta, while he decided to get steak. When the food came, you immediately dug in. You were super hungry since you barely ate. Kiseop chuckled and began to eat his food too.

When you guys finished your food and Kiseop looked up at you. "You know how we said we weren’t going to get each other anything? Well… I got you something."

"Kiseop! I thought we agreed not to get each other anything! Now I feel bad cause I didn’t get you anything!" You pouted and looked up at him as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a little black box.

"I’m not proposing to you, so don’t get too excited!" You guys both laughed and he opened the box to reveal two gold rings that had a diamond heart on it. You gasped and looked up at him. "You got us couple rings?! Oh my gosh Kiseop!" You let your jaw dropped and covered your mouth with one hand as he put the ring on your other hand. You took the box from him and smiled, taking the other ring and sliding it onto his finger. 

"I knew you’d like it." He smiled and leaned over the table to peck your nose, causing you to scrunch your nose up in a cute way that drove Kiseop crazy.

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Oh my gosh!!! I missed you guys sooooooooooooooooo much!

We missed you guys mooooore!

Soohyun: You and Soohyun have been dating for over a year now, and you two finally decided to buy couple rings. Soohyun took you to the jewelry store to pick out the one that you wanted and they said that they would have it ready in a week or so since you wanted “Soohyun & ______ ♥”  carved on it. You finally got a call from them saying it was ready to be picked up. You ran into the living room to see Soohyun on the couch taking a nap. You smiled at the sight and ran towards him, tackling him onto the bed. "Oppa! Our rings are ready. Lets go pick them up now!" 

He looked up and smiled a bit, but you could tell he was still half-asleep. "Oh, they’re ready? Arasso. Lets go pick them up now then." He sat up and rubbed his eyes, getting up and going upstairs to quickly change and grab his wallet and car keys.

When you guys arrived at the jewelry store, you jumped out of the car and took his hand, dragging him inside. The store wasn’t that busy so a worker was able to help you right away. You told the worker the name that the rings were under and went to the back to look for it. You turned around to Soohyun and smiled up at him. “I’m soo excited!” You bounced a bit on your feet and Soohyun couldn’t help but smile widely at how cute you were. He leaned down a pecked your lips quickly before the worker came back with two little boxes. She handed it to Soohyun and he opened your box up and took the ring out, putting it on your finger, then taking his ring out and putting it on his. "Perfect." You smiled and tip toed up to give him a kiss on the cheek before he paid.

Alexander: "Yeobooooooooo!" Alexander yelled out as he was walking out of the room all dressed up as you were in the bathroom doing your hair. “We have to go if we want to go out and eat after we get the rings! I want to make it on time before lunch ends! Hurry up, I’ll be waiting in the car!” 

You playfully rolled your eyes at his nagging and finished up your hair and make up. You slipped your shoes on and grabbed your purse, making your way out to the car to see Alexander all ready to go. "About time! Why do girls take so long to get ready?" You glared at him then chuckled shortly after, patting his shoulder as he drove off.

When you guys reached the jewelry store, you looked around the store and spotted the one that you wanted. "Xander! This one right here!" You pointed at the two silver rings that formed into a full heart when the rings were together.

"Those are nice! Lets get them." He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and he called a worker over, pointing to the one that you guys wanted. The worker got it out of the glass case for you guys and Xander told the worker that you guys were getting it. Xander quickly paid for it, and grabbed the box from the worker and took out a ring, putting it on your finger. You took the box from him and took out the other ring and slid it on his finger. You both held your hand up and smiled. "They’re really pretty!"

"They really are… just like you." He laughed at his own cheesiness before leaning down to peck your lips. 

Eli: You two were taking a trip to the mall to shop for some new shoes for Eli. Eli disliked shopping with you when he had to get something because you always ended up getting things for yourself instead of him. "I promise I won’t get anything this time!" You said to him as you guys entered the mall. He looked down at you and eyed you, "Sure…" He smiled softly and ruffled your hair before wrapping an arm around you as guys made your way to the shoe store.

Right when you were about to enter the shoe store, you spot a new gift shop that was open next to it. "Eli! Oh my god. We have to go in there and check it out!"

He rolled his eyes. "I knew this was gonna happen!" He sighed and couldn’t help but smile at your cuteness as he let you drag him into the store. He followed close behind you and looked over your shoulder as you looked at some rings. You turned around and held a set up that you liked. "Can we get it?! Pleaaaase?" You pouted up at him and bounced on your feet a bit. He smiled at your cuteness and just couldn’t say no to that. "Yeah, lets get it. And hey, you broke your promise!" He laughed and took the box from you, taking it to the front to pay for it. "Yaaay!" You gave him a huge hug as he opened the box up and slid a ring on your finger, and you did the same to him in return.

"Let’s go get you those shoes now. I don’t want you complaining how you didn’t get anything when we get home." You smiled up at him and dragged him out of the store once again and back to the shoe store.

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Actually, I'm not requesting anything xD. But your f(x) tag is messed up in the drop down menu, and do you think you could add EXO to that...? I'm glad you guys are back (I haven't checked in a long time).

Thanks for telling us! It has been fixed. :)

And we’re glad to be back too. :D

Kai: You woke up and saw that Kai wasn’t in bed anymore. You pouted to yourself and figured that he probably went to practice early or something. You got up and went to go wash up before going downstairs to get some breakfast. As you entered the kitchen, you saw Kai making pancakes, while being shirtless. Your jaw dropped a bit. "What are you doing up so early? And why are you cooking…. without a shirt?" You walked a bit closer and Kai turned around with a smile. “I figured I tried making breakfast for you! Romantic, right?”

"Yeah… but why shirtless?!"

He looked over at you and smiled shyly. "I was too excited to start on the breakfast that I forgot…"

You smiled over at him and walked closer to him, and once you were pretty close to him, you trailed your fingers up his abs. "You should’ve put a shirt on, Kai. It’s not good to make a noona feel like this early in the morning."

"W-What do you mean..?"

You smirked and wrapped your arms around him, smiling up at him. "Let noona show you."

You tip toed up and pressed your lips against his and slipped your tongue into his mouth. He soon caught on and picked you up by the waist and set you on the counter. "Noona’s a dirty girl." He chuckled softly and then instead of having breakfast, you two were banging on the kitchen counter.

Chanyeol: It was almost time for bed, and Chanyeol always takes a shower before bed. You were in the bedroom waiting for him, and to pass time, you decided to watch TV. Nothing good was on at this time of day, so you were stuck watching some movie you didn’t even know. 

As you were watching the movie, a pretty heated scene came on. You bit your lip and looked in the direction of the bathroom. You didn’t think a scene like that could turn you on that much. You hopped off of bed and silently opened the door to the bathroom, entering it and hearing Chanyeol humming to himself. You smiled and quietly called his name.

"Yaahh! Aish.. you scared me.. Knock next time!" Chanyeol yelled out. You laughed and sat on the counter of the sink. "I need help with something!" 

"What do you need help with?" He asked as he continued to shampoo his hair.

You smiled to yourself and began to undress, walking up to the shower and opened the glass door, "Chanyeol, can you help me with my frustration?" 

He looked you up and down and smiled wide, nodding. "That horny, huh?" You nodded and got into the shower, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pulled you against his body, leaning down to nibble at your neck. You let out a small moan and whispered into his ear, "Make me feel real good, Chanyeol."

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Are u guys really back? I missed you guys sooooooooooooooooo much! ^^ hehehe.

Yeees. I just finished organizing everything right now! And even though it’s 1:20 AM, I’m gonna try and write some scenarios!<3

We missed you guys too! I’m excited to start writing scenarios again. :D

Done with the request list & if you don’t see your request on the request list, it means that it got declined or your ask got eaten.

Please read the rules before requesting. ^^

We’re backkk. :) kinda orz

Gonna fix up the blog a bit and organize all the requests and stuff, and then we’ll start posting scenarios up sometime in the next couple days!

Thank you so much for being patient. :)

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GAHH. I'm reading & rereading some of your scenarios right now. Just read B2ST's "When he sees you crying". ALSAFJAFA: B2ST IS SO PERFECT AND THE SCENARIOOOO T~T I felt like each person's scenario really did fit them the best. The most awkwardly one was Yoseob's but I can't decide if my favorite is Doojoon's or Dongwoon's. I love how the setting for Hyunseung's and love the fact that Kikwang joins in on eating ice cream. Really enjoyed this. Thank you for working so hard!

Thank you so much! We tried our best writing them. We’re sorry we haven’t been updating. I promise you guys we’ll have a scenario out once winter break starts! Finals are coming up and we need to study for them. Yikes, it’s such a busy year for us what with work and school while trying to manage a social life (lol jk, what is that). So look out for us around Christmas!